Land Rover Experience Day

experience-imgYour first driving session will include a guided tour of the forest and explanation of techniques and skills to be applied for safe manouvering around the forests hills and  declines. Your instructor will tell you the correct line and gear to be applied and explain the usage of diff locks and tyres and clutch control.

After the first session you are invited to take the wheel for 2 more excursions into the forest.

Once you have completed your 2 excursions you will be debriefed and your experience is complete.

The experience will last up to 2 1/2 hours.

  • experience-img2Free tea, coffee and snacks are provided while you wait in a covered seating area.
  • Sorry children under 14 are not allowed as guests.
  • Cameras and video are allowed and if asked the instructor will  video you whilst you are driving with your phones/video.
  • Damage excess is £400 or this can be reduced to £150 for £10.
  • Please wear wellington boots as it is very very muddy!!!
  • Lots of weekend and weekday dates available (subject to demand).

Remember take it easy as this is a very extreme venue and  motorsport is dangerous.